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Why Are We Hooked On Sitcoms?

When watching one of your best loved Sitcom, do you ever find yourself saying, “the season/series was amazing, a bit slow at the start but definitely got better as it went on”? Despite watching that pilot episode that in hindsight doesn’t look like the most gripping episode of a series, at the time of your viewing, it does the trick and has you coming back for more. The Smoovie looks at why.

The Characters

One of the first striking things about any TV Sticom is the characters. Everyone remembers the womanising Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother or the well intentioned but highly inept Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. It is these stand out characters that stick in our heads and draw out our intrigue. “What else do these characters have to offer?” “What is their relationship with the other characters we have met?” These questions run through our heads as viewers and it is memorable characters that are part of the appeal of any good TV series.

The Plot 

Naturally we begin to think about the story. “Who does what with who?” Another key question that keeps us hooked to the screen. This is where the characters come in. What is old school Jay’s response going to be to his gay son Mitchell in Modern Family? How will Liz cope with new boss Jack in 30 Rock? Hence we get the situation and our eyes light up for the comedic potential.

The Writing

The writing is of course the machinery behind the gags, characters and situations. It has to be catchy, edgy, and clever. Originality is what it comes down to. The “legendary” joke in HIMYM is, well, legen…wait for it…dary. And it is a joke that is reinvented along with Barney’s million and one other catch phrases. Clever jokes and even funnier situations is what we like to see and the best Sitcoms deliver just that. Modern Family is brilliant at pitching a fastball packed with crazy situations involving children and adults alike.

The Lasting Potential

Finally as a viewer we have to invest in this show and we think, “will this show last?” The best shows last if they can successfully pull together unforgettable characters, and enticing plot and masterful writing. Two And A Half Men (before the whole Charlie sheen thing) had lasting potential with Jake growing up and Charlie teasing the idea of a wedding. HIMYM’s potential is in its name, the story of how Ted met the mother of the title. Little in-jokes such as the pineapple, the goat and slap bets keep the situations running making a long term investment in the show seem worthwhile.

So next time you are watching your favourite Sitcom, just remember why you cant get enough of it. We were all tricked by some great writing, characters and situations, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Sneak Peek

With How I Met Your Mother season 7 just around the corner, and many mysteries to be revealed, there is no doubt that it has the makings to be legen…wait for it…dary! The Smoovie takes a look at what to expect from the upcoming season.


Barney’s Wedding

The shocker at the end of season 6 had to be that Barney, author of the elaborate Playbook, and a prolific record of over 200 women bedded, finally settles down as the last season ended on the elusive wedding. But who is the bride? That is the question.

Robin and Nora are the two most obvious choices, but Craig Thomas, one of the producers throws a spanner in the works. Talking to IGN he said: “Don’t assume we are beyond or above doing a little bit of Mamma Mia in Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother. There will be some choices. I’ll say this, officially: We will meet who Barney is marrying in Season 7. We’re not going to string that along. Because we were very vague when that wedding day is – we said, ‘It’s a little ways down the road.’ We will learn who it is in Season 7. It’s the big central question, though there are many, many new questions.”

Co-Producer Carter Bays adds: “We’ll definitely find that out, and we’ll find out a couple of other things along the way.”

It’s all very alluring at the moment and we will be waiting at the edge of our seats to see the outcome.


Lily and Marshal’s Baby

After season 6’s back and forth questioning of “is Lilly, or isn’t she pregnant?” Craig Thomas clears things up for season 7.

The plan is set as he explains: “the great thing is a TV season is the length of a pregnancy and Lily’s pregnant in September – in the finale of Season 6, we jumped ahead to September. So we have this mapped out. Our costume designers know exactly which clothes to put her in – in episode 12, we know exactly how pregnant she’ll be. It’s the perfect duration. There’ll be a baby at the end of this year and before the end of this season”.

Another bombshell dropped by the producers, which makes the potential for season 7 to be life changing for all the characters involved.


The Mother of the Title

And of course, we cannot forget Ted, in desperate search of his soul mate and the mother of his children, the mystery of the yellow umbrella and its owner will become clear. The only problem is the question of “when”.

How I Met Your Mother has a big two season pick up taking it through to season 8 in spring 2013, so it is doubtful whether we will find out who the mother is before the end of season 8 at least.


Final Thoughts

With ongoing in jokes, a network of storylines and a group of wonderful characters, How I Met Your Mother heads into the season 7 premiere with gusto, and hopefully the whole season will continue in this fashion. With some issues needing clearing up, and a two season pickup around the bend, you can be sure that this upcoming season will close some doors, and open many more in the process.

Below is the trailer for How I Met Your Mother season 7: